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Web Based Application

No Installation - Any Device - Multiple Users

Just download and unzip, enter a simply start up command and you are up and running. The application is self hosted, you don't need a web server. A browser based user interface means you can access the applicaion any device and any number of users can access the application to view progress or start an upload.


Fully Automated

FTP Server to Database with no Intervention

Simply configure and FTP and database settings and your are ready to go. You'll get constant feedback as the data is downloaded then uploaded into your database, and email alerts are available to inform you if anything goes wrong.


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Multi Database Support

Support for SQLServer, MySQL and PostgresSQL

Upload data to the database of your choice. No need to procure and support a new, unfamiliar database.


API for Scheduling and Customisation

Use the API to schedule automated data uploads from your prefered OS scheduling utility. Create your own customised front-end or embed in your organisations intranet.


Full Automation

Multi User

Multi Browser Support


Multi Database

Email Notifications


  • Standard
  • Load Organisation XML file data
  • Email Support
  • Multi database
  • Manual Start
  • Activity Audit Log
  • £ 99 per year

  • Professional
  • All standard version features plus...
  • Phone Support
  • Email Notifications
  • API
  • Scheduled Start
  • £ 125 per year


Free trial version for evaluation purposes contains all the features of professional but loads only 50% of the data.